At Picture It Framed, we have an in-house, bespoke framing service aimed to accommodate all budgets and framing requirements. Get in touch today to learn more.


We have been serving customers since 2012, accumulating extensive knowledge and skill that has propelled our business to success. Our expertise enables us to assist customers in diverse ways, whether it involves framing family photos, preserving original artwork, or showcasing cherished mementos like your baby’s first shoes. Our dedicated team is eager to provide advice on displaying, protecting, and preserving your valuable pieces. Additionally, we proudly hold membership in the Fine Art Trade Guild, an esteemed organization that sets the highest standards for quality and conservation framing.

What we Do

We offer a wide selection of original artworks, as well as limited and open edition prints. Additionally, we take pride in featuring the works of talented local artists.

Experience our personalized, in-house framing service that is customized to fit your budget and framing preferences. We specialize in stretching and framing canvases, cross-stitch pieces, and tapestries.

For cherished memorabilia, we provide framing services for various items such as medals, sports apparel and equipment, clothing, tickets, programs, rock & pop albums, books, and much more.

We proudly extend our services to Berkshire and the surrounding areas.

Memorabilia framing can be a great way of adding some more style and design to your items. To learn more about our services, call us today on